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All my latest arts, hope you enjoy as I did making each one ;)


look at these beauties, they either have a lot of effort in them or look absolutely amazing :D
For some reason after i spent all my time making that smash bros drawing for 2 weeks straight I have been uninspired ever since to draw anything
Like I could draw:
Captain Toad and Toadette
Mewtwo in Smash
8 player smash

you know stuff like that but it has been officially a month since I was in the mood to draw and post anything and I have no idea why i stopped being inspired to draw


Pokken Tournament: Shadow Mewtwo by thegamingdrawer
Pokken Tournament: Shadow Mewtwo
I just so happen to have this unfinished Mewtwo sketch on my computer
Since I was enjoying pokken tournament so much, I decided to turn the sketch into a drawing of shadow mewtwo

What do you guys think of Pokken Tournament?
If you want to fight me, I am accepting challengers but I'm just decent at the game though XD
Drawing Practice: My Miitomo Mii! by thegamingdrawer
Drawing Practice: My Miitomo Mii!
I have been loving Miitomo, it is so random, social and fun!
I like to dote on my mii a bit and try and make him look stylish (without doing micro transactions of course)
Though you do not want to add me on Miitomo, I get pretty weird and dirty with my responses XD

I'm curious, what do you guys think about Miitomo?
Fire Emblem Valentine by thegamingdrawer
Fire Emblem Valentine
Happy Valentines day with one of my favorite games, Fire Emblem Awakening
The support mechanic and the relationship with lon'qu and lissa felt like a fitting match for this

Check out my submissions from last year:……
Detective Pikachu by thegamingdrawer
Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu, a game that is simply explained by its name
Theres a Pikachu and hes a detective....... AND ITS HILARIOUS LOOKING
This smug rat drinks coffee, gets women and solves cases
The game is coming out in Japan and I can not wait to see it in English ^^
Star Wars- BB-8 by thegamingdrawer
Star Wars- BB-8
I love Star Wars and the Force Awakens was awesome
BB8 especially made it better, I would even say I love him more than R2-D2


thegamingdrawer's Profile Picture
Jensen Nguyen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I draw stuff kinda.
I started from the bottom with MS Paint and now I am here using the now discontinued Wacom Drawing Tablet.
I can make art decently well and my name is the gaming drawer but really I just draw whatever crosses my mind and any request that tickles my fancy :)

But at the end of the day, I make art for fun

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